The Foundation in the Netherlands

From the Netherlands, the Eijkman Foundation supports the work of the Fiers & Forts Center, a Moroccan center that works for the protection of children by taking in children in situations of trauma or social distress. The Center offers a secure and caring environment for these children to develop in a way that respects their dignity and integrity, so that they can become autonomous young adults, fulfilled and active in their lives, able to integrate economically and socially in Morocco.

The Eijkman Foundation has the ANBI status.

The team in the Netherlands

Photo de Madou, la présidente au Pays-bas.

Dorothea Eijkman-Severiens aka. Madou


I arrived in Morocco, in Casablanca, in 1964, and I have traveled a lot in this wonderful country. In 2004, I decided to settle down near Tamesloht in order to open a place to welcome children in precarious situation. Spontaneously, the Fiers & Forts Center was born and evolves from year to year. It seemed obvious to me to create a link between my country of origin, the Netherlands, and Morocco, through this Foundation.

Photo de Lola, secrétaire au Pays-bas.

Lola. van der Burg


I have been traveling between Morocco and the Netherlands since 2009, having created a women's cooperative there for the production of Ghassoul. Very soon I met Madou and decided to support the CFF first through my cooperative and now also in the Dutch Foundation.

Photo de Evelyn, trésoriere au Pays-bas

Evelyn van Versendaal


When I first saw the Fiers & Forts Center, I immediately knew that I wanted to play a part in helping the children who need it most. Living in the Netherlands, it is only natural that I support the Eijkman Foundation.

Antoon Verlinden

Member of the Board

I was very touched by the warm welcome from the children when I first visited the little house where they were staying in 2004. Since then, I have been going back and forth with suitcases full of things needed for their education and organizing charity events to support the CFF.

Willem Steensma

Member of the Board

During a trip to Morocco in 2014 I visited the old Fiers & Forts Center. The current one was at the time still under construction. Since then, traveling often between Morocco and the Netherlands, I do my best to help both the Dutch Foundation and the Moroccan association, motivated by the well-being of the children.

Stanley Wibbens

Member of the Board

Living between our two countries and a lawyer by training, I really thought I could bring my energy, my knowledge and my enthusiasm to help the Foundation support the Fiers & Forts children.

Enfants du centre Fierts et Forts entrain d'étudier.
Enfants du centre Fierts et Forts entrain d'étudier.



To help these children in order to give them all the chances to be able to integrate socially and professionally in the future in order to provide for all their needs. We need all the support we can get so that the CFF can continue its action. The foundation commits itself to donate all the funds collected to the Fiers & Forts Center.


To collect funds and supplies for the children of the Fiers & Forts Center in Tamesloht.


To set up actions in the Netherlands and to look for sponsors in order to sustain the Fiers & Forts Center.

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The Eijkman Foundation is a non-profit foundation under Dutch law.
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