A troubled start of the school year

8 min de lecture
September 2023 - January 2024
Enfant du Centre Fiers & Forts

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After the earthquake... the strikes.

The earthquake

On the night of September 08, 2023, we were shaken by a powerful earthquake. The Center's walls withstood the shock well, but spirits were scarred. It will take time to forget and to rebuild the village homes damaged by the tremors. We were impressed by the solidarity that emerged from this event, and particularly by the enthusiasm of our older children who went out to help and distribute meals prepared at the CFF every day to families in need.

Your solidarity has touched us deeply, and we'd like to thank you for your support. Thank you for each of the messages full of Love, thank you for the donations, the clothes, the food, the tents, so that we could help the families in the surrounding area who were living in makeshift tents. Thank you to Caritas Marrakech, who have been especially supportive throughout this difficult period. Many thanks to all of you.

The school strikes

We thought things would gradually return to normal, the children were sleeping in their dormitories again, life was returning to normal, and the start of the new school year was fast approaching... But teacher strikes began and lasted until early January. School days are few and far between, and we have to support our children even more than usual, so that they don't fall behind, so that they stick with their education, which is so important for their future. So it's been a very troubled start to the new year, but the children never cease to impress us with their ability to get through it all.

We'll say it again and again... Thank you for supporting us through the hard times and the good times.

Now it's time to share with you the little and big joys of back-to-school !

News from our Fiers & Forts
(and some new ones !)

A Fiers & Forts little girl has joined the family !

Last September, we were delighted to welcome a little girl full of life and a passion for scootering! All the Fiers & Forts worked hard to help her integrate into our shared home, the rhythm of the day and the group.

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News from our big youngsters

A year ago, 6 of our older youngsters took flight, still supported by the Centre, but now living outside the center, in shared accommodation or in their own families. This year, we are continuing our support, proud of their success in training and studies, but also in learning how to live as independent young adults.

Once upon a time, there were 3 little pigs and the little goats...

You know the story of the 3 little pigs, but do you know the 3 little pigs at Fiers & Forts? Having arrived a few months ago, they've now found their place on our little educational farm, attracting the curiosity of children and visitors alike. And that's not all: we've also had a number of births of little goats, much to everyone's delight !

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Still on the subject of animals, this time horses

At the start of the new school year, some of our Fiers & Forts students had the chance to ride a horse, thanks to the "Cavaliers de l'Atlas". A moment of pure happiness for some, a formidable challenge for others, in any case a lot of emotion and joy.

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The famous Royal Mansour Christmas Market

Once again this year, we were delighted and honored to take part in the Royal Mansour Christmas Market. This day is always a wonderful opportunity to see you and share with you the magnificent creations of our children and the many talents of Tamesloht's artisans.

And let's not forget that our children also come to take part in the Market, to discover this extraordinary place, and that there's no age limit for taking a photo with Santa Claus! They always leave with stars in their eyes and bellies full of hot chocolate, chestnuts and cotton candy. Thank you Royal Mansour for your solidarity, generosity and loyalty !

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Caring for our planet

It's essential for us to pass on to children the importance of respecting the environment. At the start of 2024, all the Fiers & Forts got together to clean up our environment. Gardeners, cooks, housekeepers, guards, educators, management and, of course, the children spent a morning picking up all the garbage around the Center. Our aim is to raise awareness among young and old alike of the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet.

Taking care of yourself by laughing !

We had a visit from Samuel, a big-hearted laugher, who came to offer the children a workshop on laughter yoga, world music and snakeboarding. Children and adults alike loved this surprising moment, which produced real benefits.

The reopening of the dental office

Since covid, the dental practice at Fiers & Forts had unfortunately been closed. We're delighted to once again be able to offer the children of the Centre, the village and the staff quality care for healthy teeth! Many thanks to our new dentist, the Réseau du Sourire and the support of Docteur Skalli !

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They came to meet us

Vice premiere ministre des Pays Bas au Centre Fiers & Forts

The vice prime minister of the Netherlands

We were honored to welcome the brilliant Sigrid Kaag, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Netherlands. A warm moment of sharing, in all simplicity, as always at Fiers & Forts.

Extia mobilized for the Fiers & Forts

Shortly after the earthquake, we were supposed to welcome a group of Extia employees, but the event prevented them from coming. But there was no question of them giving up. From a distance, they made baskets for the children, prepared school clothes, created duckboards to refurbish one of our areas, repaired the net on our sports field... Thank you from our children !


A team from the group came to share a morning of activities with the children, in the kitchen, in the garden and even on the skatepark ! Thank you so much for showing them how important they are, by coming to experience these moments with them.

The UPM school

Students have come to play and do activities with our children, who are always delighted by these moments of joy and sharing. Thank you so much !

In the Fiers & Forts Family, I would like...

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A super volunteer, Myriam, a young schoolteacher from Luxembourg, came for 2 months to offer the children her time, her skills and, above all, her love! In addition to all her generosity, she'll soon be running for Fiers & Forts in the Sarhaouiya solidarity race. We're so proud to be represented by Myriam !

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A second wonderful contributor, Émeline, ergotherapist. She shares our daily lives, does a remarkable job with our children and brightens up the days of all of us, young and old alike.

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Marie, a kinesiologist, a wonderful volunteer who has just joined the Fiers & Forts family to take care of our children.

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Fatima, the latest generous volunteer to join us to lend a hand with tutoring and playing with our children.

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Our very own Madame Cécile, who continues to come and make the children sing again this year. Thanks also to her choir, who came one Sunday to play and of course sing with the Fiers & Forts.

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Si Said, from the Association Trait d'Union pour le handicap, who supports our educational team with high-quality training courses.

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Partners and supporters who have once again shown great generosity, creativity and initiative in supporting us:

  • The Fourtou Foundation, and the help of Monsieur Moustafa and Ousted Hicham
  • A golf competition for the Fiers & Forts last December. Thank you so much for your loyalty over the years, golfing friends
  • The BMCI Foundation is supporting us again this year
  • The Hotel Essaadi, unfailing support
  • The Majorelle Foundation, with whom we will shortly be starting a partnership
  • The generous individual donors, who help us financially every month or from time to time, who give us clothes, food and supplies, thank you so much.

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More wonderful monthly sponsors

This long-term commitment is a tremendous support, because thanks to these regular donations, we can look forward to the coming months with greater peace of mind. Thank you to those who already support us, and welcome to those who will be joining us very soon !

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Fiers & Forts' skatepark news

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Season 4 began just after the earthquake, and we opened the skatepark to many of the children then living in makeshift tents in the fields around the Center. We hoped to offer them a safe environment where they could play, express their emotions and just be kids.

Chidlren at the skatepark Fiers & Forts
Chidlren at the skatepark Fiers & Forts


Our dear Hanota, exceptional skateboarder but above all the children's skateboarding teacher for the past year and a half, has gone back to his family in Tangier, leaving a big gap at the Center. Fortunately, we know he'll be back to visit us often, for he is forever a Fiers & Forts !

Hanota at the skatepark Fiers & Forts
Hanota at the skatepark Fiers & Forts



After Kyrian, it was Cath's turn to coordinate projects at the skatepark. A very brave young woman whom we were delighted to welcome to Fiers & Forts, and she too has definitely become part of the family and will be back as soon as she gets the chance, that's for sure !


It's not the end of our story with Kyrian: he came back to present us with the fruit of his immense work, the magazine "desert in bloom", which he created in its entirety. The magazine talks about and shows the Centre, the Fiers & Forts skatepark, Moroccan skateboarders... The children marveled at Kyrian's incredible images and work, and with good reason, for the magazine is absolutely sublime.



A few months ago, Anas came to do a superb workshop with the Center's children, and here he is again, for several months this time, in the role of skatepark educator. We're delighted that this young man, with his natural aptitude for education, has joined the team !


If you want to get this kind of news more often, join us on the Centre Fiers & Forts and the CJF Morocco !

Mme Madou, la fondatrice du Centre Fiers & Forts

A word from our Founder

I thought I'd been through a lot of surprising situations, but the beginning of the school year left a lasting impression on me, with its violence, but also with so much love and solidarity. Fiers et Forts really lived up to its name when I saw our children, our teams and our friends. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your support, and for continuing to help us become even more Proud and even Stronger. More wonderful monthly sponsors This long-term commitment is a tremendous support, because thanks to these regular donations, we can look forward to the coming months with greater peace of mind. Thank you to those who already support us, and welcome to those who will be joining us very soon !

I wish you all an excellent 2024 !

Mme Madou, la fondatrice du Centre Fiers & Forts