Newsletter #March 2020
Date: 8 juin 2020
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We are all in this together

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began many of you have expressed their concern about the children of the Centre Fiers & Forts. Thank you so much for thinking about us ! Let us give you an update:

The Centre has been deep-cleaned by a team of ‘ghostbusters’ from the village. We have taken thorough hygiene measures and lake sure everybody follows the rules. the large gate is locked and we all stay within the enclosure. We are in good spirits and everyone is healthy, even though the children do worry about their family, of course. We organize our daily life around the school program, but there is time for all sorts of other activities: theatre, music, art, sports, gardening, karate, taking care of animals… Cleaning and cooking are part of the education and empowerment of the children. It’s a good thing they all treat it as a game! The children are doing well, the supervising team is wonderfully committed, in spite of the difficult circumstances. We hope these difficult times will give all of us a chance to focus on what is most important. We appreciate all your support, thoughts and donations. We hope we will soon be able to open the doors of our little corner of paradise again.

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