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I am 20 years old, and I spent 10 years at Centre. I am a great lover of martial arts, I train regularly at full-contact, but also in karate and boxing. For some time I have been trying to improve my languages ​​by taking courses on the Internet every day. I had cooking and pastry classes at the Royal Mansour for 6 months, which allowed me to get an internship at Domaine Royal Palm. Through the education of my family, I know now how to be kind, patient and respectful. I am also very relaxed, and always ready to help. In 2016 I left the Centre because, with my experience and age, I found a job at Tikida Garden as a confectioner. With my salary I’m now independent, I even bought a motorcycle to go to work and come as much as possible at the CFF to give news and see everyone.